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Activities close to Agriturismo Turina

Kayaking, canoeing and rafting

Our mountains provide a range of opportunities, including water activities, thanks to the presence of rivers, streams and lakes. For experts, enthusiasts or those merely curious to have an experience of water sports, there is the possibility of kayaking, canoeing and rafting. A day at Francesco Salvato’s Free Flow centre will allow you to discover the wonders of the Piedmont from a different perspective.

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Mountain biking

Cycling is an ideal way to discover the countryside around Bricherasio.
For mountain bikers in particular, there are numerous trails ranging from the nearby hills to high mountain peaks.
The area has numerous paths and dirt roads that reach altitudes of even 2,000 m and higher.


The best way to get to know and explore our mountains is to walk through them, passing across valleys, trails and peaks. The Cottian Alps offer unique scenery: meadows, fortifications, mountain shelters, forests and lakes. Monviso mountain, the Stone King, which on clear days overlooks the Po Valley, is one destination that climbers and simple hikers should not miss. Each valley preserves its own secrets and history.

Excursions in Val Pellice

Conca del Pra (1732m)

Conca del Pra is the supreme hiking trail in Val Pellice. Only after visiting Pra should visitors devote their time to exploring the other natural attractions of the valley. The view on the plain is truly spectacular. The basin is flat and broad, with several larch groves elegantly arranged on the closely cropped mountain pasture. Wooded slopes rise steeply on either side and a chain of rocky peaks closes off the end of the valley. In Pra there is a beautiful mountain refuge (Willy Jervis) and two small agritourism facilities, which also serve food.

Conca del Pra

Comba dei Carbonieri (1753m)

The Comba dei Carbonieri is a deep, narrow valley noted in particular for the wonderful larch forests that cover its slopes, up to an altitude of almost 2,000 m. The valley is traversed by a delightful stream, which in the lower section has some small falls surrounded by huge boulders, which are ideal places for sunbathing and enjoying a quick refreshing dip. Higher up, there are some mountain pastures where excellent toma cheeses are produced and the Barbara Lawrie refuge, where food is available.

Comba dei Carbonieri

Colle della Vaccera (1500m)

Colle della Vaccera (1,461 m above sea level) is a mountain pass in the Cottian Alps connecting the town of Angrogna in Val Pellice with Pramollo in Val Chisone. The pass runs between Mount Servin (1,756 m) and Mount Castelletto (1,512 m). The ridge along Mount Castelletto then drops down towards Prarostino; beyond Mount Servin, the other ridge then rises up to Grand Truc (2,366 m). Near the hill there is a shelter and an agritourism.

Colle della Vaccera

Rifugio Barfè (1220m)

Sea di ​​Torre Pellice is located on the slopes of Mount Vandalino. It has a typical Alpine environment:  meadows and pastures alternate with beech and birch forests, offering wildlife a peaceful habitat with abundant food. While walking through the woods, it is not uncommon to see deer, hares and badgers, and, with a bit of luck, even chamois can be spotted (especially during winter). The “Rifugio Barf” agritourism is located in the area and serves excellent traditional local dishes.

Rifugio Barfè

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