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Turina Farm | Agriturismo Turina


Why you should visit us

The area is an ideal location for walks and our large lawn and the surrounding woods are great places for reading.

The landscape, beautiful scenery and Alpine setting are an inspiration to painters and photographers. What can we say about the works of art to be seen throughout beautiful Piedmont, from the Palace of Venaria, the Royal Palace and the Museo Egizio in Turin to the towns of Pinerolo, Saluzzo and Racconigi? There is also the Langhe: a UNESCO world heritage site…

It is an ideal starting point for those who love mountain biking, with sign-posted routes and available guides, as well as for fitwalking enthusiasts. For the more adventurous, there are kayaking, canoeing and rafting lessons organised by the Free Flow centre, which is owned by our friend Francesco Salvato (a former kayak world champion).

If you want to enjoy some good cuisine during your stay, we will be happy to recommend some good places.

Our Farm

TURINA Farm is part of an important project to unify and reclaim small hillside plots, carried out over the years by Bruna and Cesare. They achieved their goal with an important plantation of actinidia, more commonly known as KIWIFRUIT, with about three thousand plants and certified ORGANIC production.

Kiwifruit is a plant species native to China. Hayward Wright (after whom the best-known ‘Hayward’ variety was named) developed a new cultivar and established it in New Zealand, which eventually became the world’s leading producer.

Since the early 1960s, significant investment has been made in Italy (especially in Piedmont), with production exceeding that of New Zealand since 2006.

Kiwifruit, with its characteristic green colour, is rich in fibre, has a moderate calorie count and contains more vitamin C than oranges, lemons and grapefruits. The fruit has diuretic, thirst-quenching, refreshing and cleansing properties and enhances the body’s natural defences.

INTERESTING FACT: the kiwifruit (Actinidia) is a dioecious species, i.e. the plants only have either female flowers (pistilliferous) or male flowers (staminiferous). Therefore both “female” and “male” plants must be grown to produce fruit.

Geographical location

We are at the start of Val Pellice, in the extreme west of Piedmont. The town of Bricherasio is just 6 km from Pinerolo and 35 km from Turin. It is an ideal place to unwind in the midst of nature… countryside, mountains and so much relaxation!

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